This is a sampling of several project accomplished over recent years. I'd be happy to provide quotes for your special needs.
EMC, cover, IEEE
book, ham radio, Robert Witte, communication, low power, two
antenna, tower, EMC, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, Co
Monument Valley, desert, EMC, Arizona
IC, integrated circuit, spectrum analyzer, frequency spectru
Van der Graff, EMC
VW, Touareg, Volkswagon, Pikes Peak, Hill Climb, race, auto
elk, wapiti, Carlene Toy, painting, feathers
bicycle, bike, racing
Van der Graff, lightning, Boston, Museum
EMC, radio, antenna, tower, Woodland Park, Colorado
ham radio, radio, Mt. Herman, Monument, Colorado
olympics, torch, Woodland Park, Vectra Bank, Colorado
Teller County, map, collage, activity, activities, outdoors
hospital, brochure, waterfall, graphic design
kettle bells, weights
sculpture, studio, photo
integrated circuit, LSI, electronic component
BMW, motorcycle, police, EPSO
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